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Allied Forces, Triumph


May 21st, 2012

1975 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Years Active:
'70s, '80s


Classic Rock Road Trip
Classic Rock Ro..
Arena Rock
Arena Rock
'80s Hard Rock
'80s Hard Rock



Late-'70s/early-'80s prog metallists Triumph endured countless comparisons to Rush throughout their career, and with good reason; they were both quite similar musically and lyrically, comprised of three members each, and hailed from Canada (although it must be said that Rush was the originator, and were much more commercially successful). Formed in Toronto during 1975, the trio consisted of guitarist/singer Rik Emmett, drummer/singer Gil Moore, and bassist/keyboardist Mike Levine, and issued their self-titled debut a year later via the independent Attic label. Although the album was largely ignored, it became a favorite of a radio DJ in San Antonio, TX, which led to a regional following solidified by a tour of the state. The exposure also gave way to a deal with RCA Records, who reissued the debut as well as Triumph's sophomore effort, 1977's Rock & Roll Machine, which spawned the group's first semi-hit single, a cover of Joe Walsh's “Rocky Mountain Way.” It was also around this time that the group became known for its concerts, which relied heavily on pyrotechnics and an intricate light show (just in case their following couldn't figure this out themselves, the trio penned a track called “Blinding Light Show”).

Top Albums

Allied Forces, Triumph
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Allied Forces, Triumph
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Top Songs

Name Album Time Price
Lay It On the Line Classics 4:04 $0.99
Fight the Good Fight Classics 6:20 $0.99
Magic Power Classics 4:54 $0.99
Hold On Classics 6:05 $0.99
World of Fantasy Classics 5:03 $0.99
Fight the Good Fight Allied Forces 6:24 $1.29
Fight the Good Fight Allied Forces 6:31 $0.99
Magic Power Allied Forces 4:55 $0.99
Somebody's Out There Classics 4:05 $0.99
Follow Your Heart Classics 3:27 $0.99
Say Goodbye Allied Forces 4:35 $1.29
Petite Etude Allied Forces 1:15 $1.29
Allied Forces Allied Forces 5:05 $1.29
Magic Power Allied Forces 4:56 $1.29
Fool for Your Love Allied Forces 4:32 $1.29
Fight the Good Fight Xmas Hard Rock Anthems 6:20 $0.99
Fight The Good Fight Ultimate Fighting Song Coll.. 6:20 $0.99
Our Roots (Original Mix) Vibratelekom Volume 4 (Comp.. 6:59 $0.99
Our Roots (Daniel Sanchez and Mulder.. Celebrate Soulful House, Vo.. 8:13 $1.29
Lay It On The Line Canadian Rock Classics 4:04 $0.99
Magic Power Canadian Rock Classics 4:54 $0.99
Fight The Good Fight '80s Sleaze Rock 6:20 $0.99
Fight The Good Fight '80s Hard Rock 6:20 $0.99
Fight The Good Fight 100 Hair Metal Essentials 6:20 $0.99
Magic Power 100 Rock Power Tracks From .. 4:54 $0.99

Top Music Videos

Magic Power, Triumph
1. Magic Power
Lay It On the Line, Triumph
2. Lay It On the ..
Hold On, Triumph
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Follow Your Heart, Triumph
4. Follow Your He..
Never Surrender, Triumph
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Somebody's Out There, Triumph
7. Somebody's Out..
Spellbound, Triumph
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Magic Power, Triumph
10. Magic Power
Lay It On the Line, Triumph
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Blinding Light Show, Triumph
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Hold On, Triumph
13. Hold On
Never Surrender, Triumph
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Allied Forces, Triumph
15. Allied Forces
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17. When the Light..
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18. Love Hurts
Blinding Light Show, Triumph
19. Blinding Light..
Follow Your Heart, Triumph
20. Follow Your He..


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