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Sid Vicious and the Sex Pistols: Rare Tracks and Interviews, Sex Pistols

Sex Pistols

May 2nd, 2012

1975 in London, England


Years Active:
'70s, '90s


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'70s Punk
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Sex Pistols


The Sex Pistols may have only been together for two years in the late '70s, but they changed the face of popular music. Through their raw, nihilistic singles and violent performances, the band revolutionized the idea of what rock & roll could be. In England, the group was considered dangerous to the very fabric of society and was banned across the country; in America, they didn't have the same impact, but countless bands in both countries were inspired by the sheer sonic force of their music, while countless others were inspired by their independent, do-it-yourself ethics. Even if they didn't release any singles by themselves, there was an implicit independence in the way they played their music and handled their career. The band gave birth to the massive independent music underground in England and America that would soon include bands that didn't have a direct musical connection to the Sex Pistols' initial three-minute blasts of rage, but couldn't have existed without those singles.

Top Albums

Sid Vicious and the Sex Pistols: Rare Tracks and Interviews, Sex Pistols
1. Sid Vicious ..
Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols, Sex Pistols
2. Never Mind t..
The Sex Pistols, Sex Pistols
3. The Sex Pist..
Live & Filthy (Live), Sex Pistols
4. Live & F..
Spunk, Sex Pistols
5. Spunk
Sex, Anarchy & Rock N' Roll Swindle, Sex Pistols
6. Sex, Anarchy..
Agents Of Anarchy - File 2: Submission, Sex Pistols
7. Agents Of An..
Agents Of Anarchy, Sex Pistols
8. Agents Of An..
Filthy Lucre (Live), Sex Pistols
9. Filthy Lucre..
Live, Anarchy from the UK, Sex Pistols
10. Live, Anarch..
Sex Pistols - The Interviews, Sex Pistols
11. Sex Pistols ..
Raw & Live, Sex Pistols
12. Raw & Li..
Agents Of Anarchy - File 1: The Goodman Tapes, Sex Pistols
13. Agents Of An..
Raw and Disorderly (Live), Sex Pistols
14. Raw and Diso..
God Save the Queen, Sex Pistols
15. God Save the..
Pistols at Dawn, Sex Pistols
16. Pistols at D..
C'mon Everybody, Sex Pistols
17. C'mon Everyb..
Anarchy, Sex Pistols
18. Anarchy
Live & Raw, Sex Pistols
19. Live & R..
Raw And Live, Sex Pistols
20. Raw And Live

Top Songs

Name Album Time Price
Anarchy In the U.K. Never Mind the Bollocks, He.. 3:31 $1.29
God Save the Queen Never Mind the Bollocks, He.. 3:20 $1.29
Pretty Vacant Never Mind the Bollocks, He.. 3:18 $1.29
My Way Agents Of Anarchy – File 2:.. 2:56 $0.99
Holidays In the Sun Never Mind the Bollocks, He.. 3:22 $1.29
New York Never Mind the Bollocks, He.. 3:06 $1.29
Liar Never Mind the Bollocks, He.. 2:41 $1.29
No Fun Sex Pistols 4:46 $0.99
I'm Not Your Stepping Stone Sex Pistols 3:04 $0.99
Sub-Mission Never Mind the Bollocks, He.. 4:12 $1.29
Bodies Never Mind the Bollocks, He.. 3:03 $1.29
My Way C'mon Everybody 2:56 $0.99
No Lip C'mon Everybody 3:18 $0.99
Satellite C'mon Everybody 4:33 $0.99
Submission C'mon Everybody 4:16 $0.99
Anarchy in the U.K. C'mon Everybody 4:09 $0.99
What You Gonna Do About It C'mon Everybody 4:25 $0.99
Substitute C'mon Everybody 3:12 $0.99
Pretty Vacant C'mon Everybody 2:59 $0.99
God Save the Queen C'mon Everybody 3:40 $0.99
C'mon Everybody C'mon Everybody 1:55 $0.99
I Wanna Be Me God Save the Queen 3:11 $0.99
Liar God Save the Queen 3:27 $0.99
Substitute God Save the Queen 3:12 $0.99
C'mon Everybody God Save the Queen 1:55 $0.99

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