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Released: Apr 27, 2012

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Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson<..

'90s Rock
'90s Rock<..

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Born Villain – Marilyn Manson

Name Artist Time Price
Hey, Cruel World Marilyn Manson 3:44 $1.29
No Reflection Marilyn Manson 4:36 $1.29
Pistol Whipped Marilyn Manson 4:10 $1.29
Overneath the Path of Misery Marilyn Manson 5:18 $1.29
Slo-Mo-Tion Marilyn Manson 4:24 $1.29
The Gardener Marilyn Manson 4:39 $1.29
The Flowers of Evil Marilyn Manson 5:19 $1.29
Children of Cain Marilyn Manson 5:17 $1.29
Disengaged Marilyn Manson 3:25 $1.29
Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms Marilyn Manson 4:13 $1.29
Murderers Are Getting Prettier Every.. Marilyn Manson 4:18 $1.29
Born Villain Marilyn Manson 5:26 $1.29
Breaking the Same Old Ground Marilyn Manson 4:27 $1.29
You're So Vain (feat. Johnny Depp) Marilyn Manson 4:02 $1.29
No Reflection Marilyn Manson 3:29 $1.49

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Customer Reviews

This is his True Comeback (5 stars)

When i listened to "Eat Me, Drink Me" and "The High End of Low," i was a bit disappointed. After "Born Villain," i realized that this is the Marilyn Manson album most of us wanted. Maybe its not as good as his albums in the '90s, but this is definatly one of his recent best. Each song has a certain element that makes this album listenable 24/7 whether youre in a good mood or bad mood, you'll always be saticfied

manson is back! (5 stars)

this album is exactly what i expected! heavy guitar riffs are defintely one of my favorite things of this album…no more emotional, love sick Manson! he's back….MURDERERS ARE GETTING PRETTIER EVERY DAY is definately my favorite song! the whole album is great though, ive had my copy since last week, i got it from Japan….Im going to see Marilyn Manson and The Pretty Reckless next week here in Dallas (part of my birthday weekend)! i hope

A New Classic For Manson Fans New and Old (5 stars)

At first, I was totally sketchy at the idea of a new Manson album, but this one totally rocks. It has the things from each album that made Manson who he is, giving the fans something worth-while all to which gives the album a fresh and different feel. The concept of the album is still unknown, I feel as if it is about literature, especially The Gardener having subtle references to The Great Gatsby, and Overneath having to do with Macbeth and


Formed: 1989 in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Genre: Rock
Years Active: '80s, '90s, '00s, '10s

Love him or hate him, the self-proclaimed “Antichrist Superstar” — Marilyn Manson — was indisputably among the most notorious and controversial entertainers of the 1990s. Celebrated by supporters as a crusader for free speech and denounced by detractors as little more than a poor man's Alice Cooper, Manson was the latest in a long line of shock rockers, rising to the top of the charts on a platform of sex, drugs, and Satanism. Though widely dismissed by critics, his brand of metal nevertheless…

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Top Songs By Marilyn Manson

Name Album Time Price
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Lest We Forget – The Best o.. 4:51 $1.29
The Beautiful People Lest We Forget – The Best o.. 3:42 $1.29
Tainted Love Lest We Forget – The Best o.. 3:20 $1.29
This Is Halloween Nightmare Revisited 3:22 $1.29
The Dope show Mechanical Animals 3:46 $1.29
Personal Jesus Lest We Forget – The Best o.. 4:06 $1.29
This Is the New S**t Lest We Forget – The Best o.. 4:20 $1.29
If I Was Your Vampire Eat Me, Drink Me (Bonus Tra.. 5:56 $1.29
I Don't Like the Drugs (But the Drug.. Mechanical Animals 5:03 $1.29
Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart.. Eat Me, Drink Me (Bonus Tra.. 5:05 $1.29

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