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Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Released: 1967

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Alice's Restaurant – Arlo Guthrie

Name Artist Time Price
Alice's Restaurant Massacre Arlo Guthrie 18:36 Album Only
Chilling of the Evening Arlo Guthrie 3:04 $0.99
Ring Around-A-Rosy Rag Arlo Guthrie 2:15 $0.99
Now and Then Arlo Guthrie 2:23 $0.99
I'm Going Home Arlo Guthrie 3:18 $0.99
The Motorcycle Song Arlo Guthrie 2:50 $1.29
Highway In the Wind Arlo Guthrie 2:40 $0.99

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Our Review

In the psychedelic '60s, Arlo Guthrie, son of folk titan Woody Guthrie, emerged as a puckish counterculture icon, largely on the merit of this album and its far-flung title track. Clocking in at 18-plus minutes and eating up the first side of the original vinyl LP, Alice's Restaurant became a staple of freeform radio in the '60s and '70s, a side-splittingly funny, shaggy-dog story that rambled over the Vietnam War, military draft, police harassment, and longhairs running afoul of the legal system. Although the issues are dated, Guthrie's superb comedic timing – complete with spaced-out, stoned lapses – remains every bit as funny now as it was in 1967. The remaining half-dozen tracks show an ambitious sweep of musical styles, ranging from ragtime-tinged jug band tunes and fey, delicate folk, with a tiny dash of acid rock to spice things up. Also included is the short original version of “The Motorcycle Song,” which in its later live incarnation would become Arlo's other great comic masterpiece.

Customer Reviews

"Album Only" is a cheap shot (1 star)

Look folks, "Alice's Restaurant Massacre" is the only track on this album that went anywhere and instead of being allowed to sell individually, it's wrapped up with the rest of the album's price tag. The folks at Warner Brothers records really ought to take another look at this economic model: it offends the consumer and rarely allows for the full flow of sales. Quit trying to hamstring the folks out there trying to buy music, an

I agree, "album only" is cheap. (3 stars)

While I have to give this 3 stars as an essential song from the genre and from Arlo, it is really disappointing to see the title track as album only. It's really the only song worth having on this album and the whole reason someone would buy the album. How is this different than having to buy the album to get one song on the CD?? Woody would hang his head in shame at this. ;)

Joining the chorus asking for relief…album only BAAAD!! (1 star)

Even charging $1.98 or 2.98 for the awesome title tune would be O.K. in my book.


Born: July 10, 1947 in Brooklyn, NY
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Years Active: '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s, '00s, '10s

Is it possible to be a one-hit wonder three times? The question is provoked by the recording career of Arlo Guthrie, which is best remembered for three songs in three different contexts. There is “The City of New Orleans,” Guthrie's only Top 40 hit, which earns him an entry in Wayne Jancik's The Billboard Book of One-Hit Wonders. There is also “Coming into Los Angeles,” which Guthrie sang at the legendary Woodstock music festival, and which featured prominently in both the Woodstock movie and multi-platinum…

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Top Songs By Arlo Guthrie

Name Album Time Price
The City of New Orleans Hobo's Lullaby (Remastered) 4:34 $0.99
The Motorcycle Song Alice's Restaurant 2:50 $1.29
Coming Into Los Angeles (original ve.. Running Down the Road (rema.. 3:06 $0.99
City of New Orleans Tribute to Steve Goodman 5:24 $0.99
Coming Into los Angeles (Live) Taking Woodstock (Original .. 2:12 $0.99
Highway In the Wind Alice's Restaurant 2:40 $0.99
City of New Orleans Live in Sydney 4:17 $0.99
The Motorcycle Song– An Educat.. Live in Sydney 7:18 $0.99
Chilling of the Evening Alice's Restaurant 3:04 $0.99
Me and Bobby McGee Live in Sydney 3:56 $0.99

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